What BTRHomes does?
Tech enabled property asset manager that is focusing on bridging and delivering turnkey solutions for Latin American family offices, HNWI and institutional investment with US Single Family Rentals.
Diversified portfolios
Investment in one or many of all 60+ Single Family Rental markets in the US diversifying risk.
Predictable and recurring income
We generate, through single family rental investment, predictable and recurring income for investors.
Highly safe investment in U.S. Dollars
Doesn't matter where you are, now you can generate U.S. Dollars incomes.
USD 10% +
Based on our experience and portfolio mix.
Target dividend yield
USD 6%+
After deployment is made you get monthly dividends on your investment.
Investment term
5 – 8 years
Deployment, rent and portfolio sale.
Why invest in Single Family Rental in the U.S. Market with BTRHomes?
We built your own portfolio of Single Family Rent in the U.S. in an extremely simple and transparent way for you.
A booming asset class with high growth projections
Strong fundamentals makes a strong risk-adjusted investment. An asset class that has prove that withstands crisis very well. Everyone needs a place to live.
Data-driven sourcing
Ongoing data-driven supply analysis offers opportunity to invest in great opportunities, housing with rehab needs, built to rent, rented houses, among others.
Tenant-focused services
Homes in perfect conditions, in great neighborhoods with a tenant focused service attract top-notch tenants, reducing turnover and expenses. All powered by tech.
Turnkey solution from your country to U.S.
Tailor-made solutions for each client to make investment easy from any country.
Tech-enable operations
Our tech allow us to get lower costs and provides first-class services for tenants.
Asset that are easily financeable
With LTV between 50-80% which significantly improves the IRR of investors.
How it Works?
We provide different solutions for the different types of investments, you can invest in a single family rent fund or directly in your own properties, all this through the correct legal and tax structure provided by BTR Homes and always leaving the entire operation in our hands: a hussle free investment.
Legal structure
Investing through a fund or directly in your own properties is not a problem with BTRHomes,
we have a structure for each need of our clients.
We do all the operation, property management, rental collection, rehab, maintenance,
tenant happiness and everything that involves operating the property including loans.
Tax advisory
The success of the investment depends on the correct tax advice,
BTR Homes through its alliances delivers a tailored solution for each investor.